Periodical Articles

I am an experienced periodical writer and have written for several publications. In addition to numerous feature articles of all sorts, I wrote a regular column for a major pet publication for four years. Though I can write on any subject, my particular areas of expertise include interviews, animals, plants, environmental issues, restaurant reviews, event coverage and destination reviews. Interested persons can view samples of my published writing in the portfolio page. Simply email me at to obtain the passcode to enter the page. The page contains over fifty sample articles, divided into categories to facilitate finding the articles of most interest to you.

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Internet Content

If you need the highest-quality internet content at the best price, you’ve landed in the right place. Whether you need original, unique, quality articles, blogs or other information, I can produce just what you want.

Basic Web Site Text

You’ve invested time, energy, emotion and, especially, money to create a web site that will help you to meet your goals and dreams for your business or organization, so don’t let it be just another one of those dry, routine, uninteresting, error-riddled places that people glance at quickly and then leave, in search of something more inspiring.

Let me turn it into something that will grab the visitor’s attention right from the first line and hold it, ensuring that your message comes through loud and clear, and leaves a positive impression. Readers will be impressed, enthused and more likely to take advantage of what you have to offer.


Blogs are becoming an increasingly common and important component of the promotional strategy of most businesses, organizations, social and political movements, etc. An informative, entertaining blog can keep people coming back to your web site on a regular basis. It can be extremely useful and valuable to you and your clients, customers, associates, friends, etc.

A poorly written blog can, however, have a negative effect, creating a bad impression and causing people to drift elsewhere, away from your site.

I can help you to produce a consistently high-quality, effective blog on a regular basis that will increase traffic to your site and make you a success. This service can be tailored to meet your needs, from simple proofreading/editing of your text to writing the blog from scratch.

Get started today to make your blog one of the best and most widely read in your field.


Along with blogs, articles are one of the most important components of an effective web site that keep people coming back. Nothing is more valuable than an interesting, informative, compelling article. I can produce any kind of article you need – fast, articulate, error-free, dynamic, engaging and detailed yet concise.


Being able to write a good letter is, has been and always will be one of the most important skills to possess in this world, for both personal and business success.

Personal Letters

A well-written letter can be instrumental in helping you get what you want in your personal life as well as in business. There are many kinds of personal letters. A few of the more common types with which I have assisted people include:

Dispute & Complaint Letters

Writing a good, effective complaint/dispute letter is a true art. It’s not the place to get revenge or vent your anger and frustration. If you want to do that, go to the gym and practice kickboxing the punching bag, or take a nice, soothing yoga class. The purpose of a letter is to achieve a satisfactory resolution to your grievance or problem. These letters must be concise, specific and forceful yet polite. I can help you compose a letter that will give you your best chance of accomplishing your goal.

Trial By Declaration Statements

In most municipalities, persons receiving traffic and similar citations have the option of providing a written statement of their defense to the judge rather than testifying in person. There can be definite advantages to opting for trial by declaration, especially for people who get nervous and do not think clearly or present themselves well in person or in the intimidating environment of a court room.

In a written statement, you can organize your thoughts and evidence and present your case in a clear and compelling way. This alone will often make the difference in whether you win or lose. Additionally, officers are busy people who frequently do not have the time to write and submit their own statement, in which case the defendant usually wins. Further, as with the general public these days, writing is not necessarily a major strength of many officers. So if your statement is well done and your evidence is more persuasive than the officer’s, you are likely to win. Of course, this all depends on a fair-minded judge that actually considers the evidence and doesn’t automatically side with the officer. Fortunately, most judges are fair-minded.

It is important to note that the trial by declaration statement I write for you does not constitute a legal service and I do not give legal advice. You must provide me with a complete, detailed account of the event(s) and evidence relating to your citation, which are accurate to the best of your recollection. I then organize and present them in a well-written, detailed yet concise, forceful statement that will give you the best chance possible of winning your case, at a very reasonable cost. If actual legal advice is needed or more extensive investigation, you must contact an attorney.

Personal Issue Resolution Letters

Over the years, people experience all sorts of personal issues with family, friends and associates. Whether minor or serious, these issues can often get complicated and out-of-control, dragging on for long periods and depriving people of the quality lives and relationships they deserve.

Often, a major reason such issues go unresolved is that neither party knows just what to say or how to say it in order to remedy the situation, or at least get a dialogue started. Here again, a well-written letter can work miracles. I can help you create a letter that articulately expresses your feelings and should open the door for a positive response from the other party.

Christmas/Holiday Letters

Holiday letters are the fruitcakes of the writing world. Most are poorly done and not gladly received. But every once in a while, there is one that stands out, containing all the right ingredients and being not only palatable, but delightful. These letters, when properly done, can actually be useful tools for keeping families informed and functioning well and for promoting good relations with social and business associates. Care must be taken to avoid sounding boastful or snobby. On the other hand, these letters should not be boring or seem as if it is simply a half-hearted attempt to fulfill some sort of social convention. They should contain information that is important and interesting to the recipients, and which makes the recipients feel that they are in your thoughts and appreciated. They can contribute to improved relationships, invitations to events and advancement in business.

Brochures & Pamphlets

One of the best ways of introducing people to your business or service is through a pamphlet or brochure. A well-written pamphlet or brochure can get people interested in what you offer and convince them that you are the best one to provide the particular product or service. First impressions are everything, so it is important that your pamphlet or brochure not only looks great, but sounds great too.

There are plenty of good printing companies out there that can design an attractive pamphlet or brochure for you, but providing the actual text has always been up to you. If the brochure is poorly written, then it doesn’t matter how good it looks.

By the time a person is finished reading your brochure, they should be ready to contact you. If I write your brochure, they will.


Unless you are developing a big multi-media advertisement campaign, you don’t necessarily need an expensive advertisement agency just to create quality, effective ad text for print ads, the Internet, flyers, pamphlets, etc. I can create ad text that will get you the results you want, and at a fraction of the cost of a big ad agency.

Other Business Documents


These may be fairly dry, straightforward documents, but they still need to be well-written and free of errors. A business report reflects on the author, either positively or negatively, and contributes to the perception company officials have of him or her. I can help to ensure that the perception is definitely positive.

Manuals, Policies, Guidelines and Other Business Regulatory Documents

As a member/officer of all sorts of organizations and businesses over the years, I have written many such documents and am familiar with the typical appropriate terms and information required for such documents to be effective. It is important to point out again that I do not offer legal advice and these do not constitute legal documents. However, I can produce a basic document that will be very close to what you need. You can then have a qualified attorney review it and make any changes necessary. This will save substantially on the cost of having the attorney put in all the hours to produce it from scratch.

Contact Me

For further information, please contact me by e-mail at, or by phone or text message at (760)567-5428.