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The Delosian Mission.

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The Delosian Mission

Prelude - Segments of Spacetime

The following are selected excerpts from Segments of Spacetime, a fascinating abbreviated history of the universe, presented in the form of a chronological series of short vignettes, by my friend, Tane Shaw. They portray actual historical events drawn from numerous sources, including the Delosian archives and Human and Octopode records.

Chapter 1 - First Contact

UNSA Announces Possible Occurrence Of First Contact – Dobbin Corey (AP) – 02.10.2107, 1518 UT – The United Nations Space Agency, at 1500 UT today, provided official notification of possible first contact with an extraterrestrial sentient life form. This is based on images of the surface of Callisto. These have been determined, to a high degree of confidence, to show artificial structures of intelligent, non-Human manufacture.

Chapter 2 - The Callisto Base

GTAF Tactical Team Lands On Callisto – Dobbin Corey (AP) – 01.28.2109, 0907 UT – The Special Operations Unit of the Global Treaty Armed Forces has informed this reporter that its Callisto Complex Research Mission tactical reconnaissance and assessment landing module has successfully achieved touchdown on Callisto. The Mission’s ships entered orbit around Callisto at 0245 UT on 01.27.2109. Upon each of the first two passovers of the complex, high energy electromagnetic signals were emitted from the complex directed at the ships, causing minor systems disruptions.

Chapter 3 - The Delosians

UNSA Allows First View of Delosians – Dobbin Corey (AP) – 02.12.2109, 0907 UT – Select [HERE] to view first images of the extraterrestrial species that has been determined to have established the complex on Callisto. Images by Suleiman Shushud, press pool image recorder for the Callisto Mission. Story and images transmitted and posted from Callisto by this reporter by authorization of Dr. Ramachandra Dhar, chief administrative officer of the UNSA Exobiology Research Department and head of the scientific team of the Callisto Mission. Images are of two preserved specimens at the Callisto complex, apparently intended for our discovery and study.

Chapter 4 - The Great Mission

Cory, Dobbin. 2122. The Great Mission: An Introduction to Delosian Religion. Universe, Volume 2 Issue 2, February 2122, pp 44-50. – In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Or is it the other way around? According to the Delosians...

Chapter 5 - The Galactic Age Begins

UN ANNOUNCES HOSTILE ENCOUNTER AT TERRA NOVA – Dobbin Corey (AP) – 10.13.2115, 1048 UT – Alex Wei, United Nations Chief Press Secretary, announced today that a planetary exploration team from the ISS Beagle was involved in a hostile incident while conducting oceanic research on Terra Nova, a proto-Earth about 3,600 LY spin-rimward from Earth.

Chapter 6 - The First Galactic War

No one would have believed...that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man's and yet as mortal as his own; that as men busied themselves about their various concerns they were scrutinised and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinise the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water...minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us...

Chapter 7 - Our Odyssey Begins

We all knew that we would be gone a long time, though hopefully not as long as the decade it took Odysseus to make his voyage home. We also knew that, while this was going to be an exciting and, with luck, a very rewarding expedition, it was also extremely dangerous. We might be confronted by perils as strange as those faced by Odysseus. We were heading to a part of the Galaxy where there was no Human presence, where only a few Humans had ever been and which was largely unknown to us.

Chapter 8 - Earthlings on Holiday

Corey, Dobbin. 2122. Way Out There and Back Again: An Earthling’s Tale. Condé Nast Galactic Traveler, Volume 1 Issue 1, January 2122, pp 18-34 – It is always the same. I am sitting at a festively decorated party table, on a giant flying carpet, floating through a nighttime sky.

Chapter 9 - Dinoworld

Corey, Dobbin. 2120. Shades of the Mesozoic: An Excursion on Dinoworld. Special Insert, Los Angeles Times, Sunday Edition, 03.21.2120. – As a child, I was fascinated with dinosaurs. I read everything I could find about these magnificent creatures that had once ruled the Earth.

Appendix 3 - Notes on Delosian Physiology and Biolog

A familiarity with Delosian physiology and biology is not necessary in order to understand the profound effects of their religiously-motivated activities, which created the current nature of our Galaxy. However, I know there many readers who are interested in this information. The purpose of this appendix is to provide those readers with a more comprehensive basic overview of the Delosian body and its systems. This should be sufficient for most of these readers. If you’re a super detail-oriented geek like me, you’ll have to go to the Link to satisfy your needs.

Appendix 4 - Engineering Octopodia and the Octopodes

Octopodia is a terrestrial planet very much like Earth in both size and mass, with a similar magnetic field. It is the second of two inner rocky planets orbiting a star that is about 90% the size of our sun, but slightly hotter. Our sun is a G2; the Octopodia sun is a G1. The Octopodia system also includes three jovian (gas giant) planets and two more outer rocky planets.

Appendix 5 - Notes on Religion

As I indicated in chapter 4 of the book, basic natural evolution created the physical and biological nature of the universe, but religion has been the fundamental driving force in developing the sentient species constitution and sociopolitical essence of the known Galaxy. So it is crucially important to understand religion and its effects on Humans and other sentient species.